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Welcome to the Hanson Consulting service information page. Our goal is to provide you the very best in computer services for your business.


Our goal is always to deliver the most cost effective and reliable computer networking, software, and systems to fit your needs. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.


We pride ourselves on speaking to the customer, not above the customer. You will get straight answers and solutions without the usually "techno-speak" associated with most computer service companies.

Below is a just few of the services we offer:

Hardware/software selection, installation, inventory, and troubleshooting


Wired and wireless network installation, administration, and troubleshooting


Internet setup and configuration


VPN (virtual private network - for remote access) setup and administration


Remote support


Server installation and administration


Terminal Server installation and administration


Email server installation and administration


Virus detection and prevention


Data archiving and backup


Network printing


Network security


Smart phone connection to company information

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